Nebraska Revised Statute 39-811

Chapter 39


Bridges; construction and repair; materials used; itemized statement; bridge record.

The records of each county board pertaining to such improvements shall be kept in a separate book provided for that purpose. The book shall be kept indexed up to date. A complete record of each bridge repaired or constructed by the county shall be kept in the book as hereinafter provided. (1) The date of construction or repair must be given. (2) The bridge repaired or constructed must be located by giving its distance and direction from the nearest section corner, stating which section corner, naming the section and township in which the section is located. (3) There must be recorded an itemized statement of all material used, giving the amount, kind, quality, and price of material and date furnished, which statement must be sworn to by the person or persons furnishing the same, and an itemized statement of all work and labor performed, giving the number of days, the dates, and the price per day, which statement must be sworn to by the person or persons performing such work. The original statements for material and labor shall be filed away by the county clerk, and it shall be designated in the record where they are filed; Provided, such record shall be kept by the county engineer in counties having such officer. (4) An itemized statement of all material used in construction of approaches and culverts, and of all material used in improvements on roads, and all labor performed, must be signed and sworn to by the party or parties furnishing the material and the party or parties performing the labor; and the record of such improvements shall be kept in the same manner as is herein provided in repairing or constructing bridges by the county. (5) A similar record of all bridges or improvements made by contract shall be kept in such book.


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  • To justify removal of county officer for failure to comply with this section, action must be shown to have been prompted by evil intent or notice, or without sufficient grounds to believe that he was properly performing his duty. Hiatt v. Tomlinson, 100 Neb. 51, 158 N.W. 383 (1916).

  • Person crossing bridge or highway has right to expect bridge to be reasonably safe. Central City v. Marquis, 75 Neb. 233, 106 N.W. 221 (1905).

  • County should provide bridge adequate for what may be anticipated as requisite for accommodation of public, in bridge's locality. Seyfer v. Otoe County, 66 Neb. 566, 92 N.W. 756 (1902).

  • Increase over contract price cannot be enforced if contracted for without bids. Townsend v. Holt County, 40 Neb. 852, 59 N.W. 381 (1894).