Nebraska Revised Statute 39-310

Chapter 39


Depositing materials on roads or ditches; penalties.

Any person who deposits any wood, stone, or other kind of material on any part of any lawful public road in this state, inside of the ditches of such road, or outside of the ditches but so near thereto as to cause the banks thereof to break into the same, causes the accumulation of rubbish, or causes any kind of obstruction, shall be guilty of (1) a Class III misdemeanor for the first offense, (2) a Class II misdemeanor for the second offense, and (3) a Class I misdemeanor for the third or subsequent offense.



  • Complaint charging that defendant obstructed a public road by placing posts and logs therein stated an offense under this section. Lydick v. State, 61 Neb. 309, 85 N.W. 70 (1901).