Nebraska Revised Statute 39-2307

Chapter 39


Board of examiners; examinations; conduct; test qualifications of applicants for Class B licenses.

The board of examiners shall, twice each year, conduct examinations of applicants for Class B licenses under section 39-2308. Such examinations shall be designed to test the qualifications of applicants for the position of county highway superintendent or city street superintendent and shall cover the ability to:

(1) Develop and annually update long-range plans based on needs and coordinated with adjacent local governmental units;

(2) Develop annual programs for design, construction, and maintenance;

(3) Develop annual budgets based on programmed projects and activities;

(4) Implement the capital improvements and maintenance activities provided in the approved plans, programs, and budgets; and

(5) Understand principles pertaining to highway, road, and street operations and to management of personnel, contractors, and equipment.