Nebraska Revised Statute 39-209

Chapter 39 Section 209


Sign panels; types; restrictions.

Tourist-oriented directional sign panels shall include, but not be limited to, sign panels giving directions to recreational, historical, cultural, educational, or entertainment activities or a unique or unusual commercial or nonprofit activity. Nationally, regionally, or locally known commercial symbols, brands, or trademarks may be used when applicable. To be a qualified activity pursuant to this section, the major portion of income derived from the activity or visitors to the activity during the normal season of the activity shall be from motorists not residing in the immediate area of the activity. The sign panels shall be rectangular in shape and have a white legend and border on a blue background.

Tourist-oriented directional sign panels shall contain no more than four individual signs, have no more than two lines of legend per individual sign, and have a separate directional arrow and the distance to each qualifying activity. The legend shall be limited to the identification of the qualifying activity and the directional information. The sign panel shall not include promotional advertising.


  • Laws 1993, LB 108, § 3.