Nebraska Revised Statute 39-1642

Chapter 39


Petition; hearing; objections; resolution of county board; contents.

If persons owning more than fifty percent in area of the real property in the proposed district file with the county clerk prior to the time set for hearing written objections to the formation of the district stating the reasons for their objections, the resolution shall not be passed. At the hearing, all persons interested in the proposed improvement shall be given an opportunity to be heard on any matters affecting the formation of the district or the improvements to be made therein. The hearing may be continued from time to time to give opportunity to ascertain all pertinent information. At or following said hearing the board may pass the resolution as proposed, amend the resolution and pass the amended resolution, or deny passage of the resolution. The amendments may, among other things, exclude any tracts included in the proposed resolution, include additional property in the district, or change the boundaries of the proposed district.


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