Nebraska Revised Statute 39-1637

Chapter 39


Road districts; commissioner counties; seven or more commissioners; assessment; levy; limitation; fund; use.

In counties under a seven or more commissioner form of government, each former township shall be a road district and fifty-one percent of the resident freeholders of such district may petition the county board of the county in which such district is located to levy an assessment of not to exceed two and one-tenth cents on each one hundred dollars upon the taxable value of all the taxable property in such district subject to section 77-3443. Upon receipt of the petition, the board of county commissioners shall make the assessment as requested on the taxable value of all the taxable property in such district at the valuation fixed by the assessor or board of equalization, to be levied and collected the same as other taxes. Such taxes shall (1) be and become a part of the district road fund in which the same are levied, (2) be used exclusively in improving the public highways in such district, and (3) not be transferred to any other fund. The board of county commissioners shall designate the road or roads in such district where such levy shall be expended.


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Cross References

  • Road districts in township counties without road unit system, see section 39-1520.01.