Nebraska Revised Statute 39-1621

Chapter 39


Budget; taxes; levy; limitation; certification; collection; disbursement.

(1) The board of trustees may, after adoption of the budget statement for such district, annually levy and collect the amount of taxes provided in the adopted budget statement of the district to be received from taxation for corporate purposes upon property within the limits of such road improvement district to the amount of not more than three and five-tenths cents on each one hundred dollars upon the taxable value of the taxable property in such district for general maintenance and operating purposes subject to section 77-3443. The board shall, on or before September 30 of each year, certify any such levy to the county clerk of the counties in which such district is located who shall extend the levy upon the county tax list.

(2) The county treasurer of the county in which the greater portion of the area of the district is located shall be ex officio treasurer of the road improvement district and shall be responsible for all funds of the district coming into his or her hands. The treasurer shall collect all taxes and special assessments levied by the district and collected by him or her from his or her county or from other county treasurers if there is more than one county having land in the district and all money derived from the sale of bonds or warrants. The treasurer shall not be responsible for such funds until they are received by him or her. The treasurer shall disburse the funds of the district only on warrants authorized by the trustees and signed by the president and clerk.


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