Nebraska Revised Statute 39-1334

Chapter 39 Section 1334


State highways; access; permit; violation; actions.

The Director-State Engineer, for the department and in the name of the State of Nebraska, may prosecute to final determination any action, suit, or proceeding which in his judgment is necessary for the preservation of public safety, the promotion of the general welfare, and to carry out the provisions of sections 39-1327 to 39-1336. In addition to any other available remedies, the Director-State Engineer may secure an injunction or mandamus (1) to prevent any owner or occupier of property from constructing, using, or permitting to be used a private entrance or exit, approach road, facility, thing, or appurtenance upon or connected to a highway right-of-way without a written permit from the department when a permit is required, (2) to enforce compliance with the conditions of a permit issued by the department to a person for such construction, use, or right to permit such use, and (3) to enforce compliance with the rules and regulations regarding such construction and uses prescribed by the department.


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