Nebraska Revised Statute 39-1317

Chapter 39 Section 1317


State highways; surveys and research.

The department shall have the authority to make investigations and to collect and analyze all relevant data relating to (1) road planning studies, (2) traffic problems, (3) financial conditions, and (4) problems relating to state, county, township, municipal, federal, and all other public roads in the state, except any toll facilities. The department also shall have the authority to collect, analyze, and interpret all relevant data concerning the use, construction, improvement, and maintenance of roads, the practices and methods of road organization and development, and such other information, data, and statistics as are deemed necessary. The department may cooperate with the bureau of public roads, federal agencies, research organizations, or political or governmental subdivisions or public corporations of this state and may enter into agreements with other states to carry on research and test projects pertaining to road purposes.


  • Laws 1955, c. 148, § 17, p. 424.