Nebraska Revised Statute 39-1309

Chapter 39


State highway system; designation; redesignation; factors.

(1) The map prepared by the State Highway Commission showing a proposed state highway system in Nebraska, filed with the Clerk of the Legislature and referred to in the resolution filed with the Legislature on February 3, 1955, is hereby adopted by the Legislature as the state highway system on September 18, 1955, except that a highway from Rushville in Sheridan County going south on the most feasible and direct route to the Smith Lake State Recreation Grounds shall be known as state highway 250 and shall be a part of the state highway system.

(2) The state highway system may be redesignated, relocated, redetermined, or recreated by the department with the written advice of the State Highway Commission and the consent of the Governor. In redesignating, relocating, redetermining, or recreating the several routes of the state highway system, the following factors, except as provided in section 39-1309.01, shall be considered: (a) The actual or potential traffic volumes and other traffic survey data, (b) the relevant factors of construction, maintenance, right-of-way, and the costs thereof, (c) the safety and convenience of highway users, (d) the relative importance of each highway to existing business, industry, agriculture, enterprise, and recreation and to the development of natural resources, business, industry, agriculture, enterprise, and recreation, (e) the desirability of providing an integrated system to serve interstate travel, principal market centers, principal municipalities, county seat municipalities, and travel to places of statewide interest, (f) the desirability of connecting the state highway system with any state park, any state forest reserve, any state game reserve, the grounds of any state institution, or any recreational, scenic, or historic place owned or operated by the state or federal government, (g) the national defense, and (h) the general welfare of the people of the state.

(3) Any highways not designated as a part of the state highway system as provided by sections 39-1301 to 39-1362 and 39-1393 shall be a part of the county road system, and the title to the right-of-way of such roads shall vest in the counties in which the roads are located.