Nebraska Revised Statute 38-3333

Chapter 38 Section 3333


Animal therapist; health care therapy; conditions; letter of referral; liability.

(1) A licensed animal therapist may perform health care therapy on an animal only if:

(a) The health care therapy is consistent with the licensed animal therapist's training required for the license referred to under subdivision (1) of section 38-3332;

(b) The owner of the animal presents to the licensed animal therapist a prior letter of referral for health care therapy that includes a veterinary medical diagnosis and evaluation completed by a licensed veterinarian who has a veterinarian-client-patient relationship with the owner and the animal and has made the diagnosis and evaluation within ninety days immediately preceding the date of the initiation of the health care therapy; and

(c) The licensed animal therapist provides health care therapy reports at least monthly to the referring veterinarian, except that a report is not required for any month in which health care therapy was not provided.

(2) A licensed veterinarian who prepares a letter of referral for health care therapy by a licensed animal therapist shall not be liable for damages caused to the animal as a result of the health care therapy performed by the licensed animal therapist.