Nebraska Revised Statute 38-1819

Chapter 38


Temporary license.

(1) A temporary license to practice medical nutrition therapy may be granted to any person who meets all the requirements for a license except passage of the examination required by section 38-1813 or 38-1817. A temporary licensee shall be supervised by a qualified supervisor. A temporary license shall be valid for one year or until the temporary licensee takes the examination, whichever occurs first. The temporary licensee shall be designated by a title clearly indicating such licensee's status as a student or trainee. If a temporary licensee fails the examination required by section 38-1813 or 38-1817, the temporary license shall be null and void, except that the department, with the recommendation of the board, may extend the temporary license upon a showing of good cause for up to six months. A temporary license shall not be issued to any person who fails to pass the examination if such person did not hold a valid temporary license prior to the failure to pass the examination.

(2) This section shall not apply to a temporary license issued as provided under section 38-129.01.