Nebraska Revised Statute 38-1118.03

Chapter 38


Expanded function dental assistant; application for permit; qualifications.

(1) Every applicant for a permit to practice as an expanded function dental assistant shall (a) present proof of current, valid licensure under the Dentistry Practice Act as a licensed dental assistant at the time of application, (b) present proof of at least one thousand five hundred hours of experience as a licensed dental assistant, (c) present proof of successful completion of courses and examinations in expanded function dental assisting approved by the board, (d) pass a jurisprudence examination approved by the board that is based on the Nebraska statutes, rules, and regulations governing the practice of expanded function dental assisting, and (e) complete continuing education as a condition of the permit if required by the board.

(2) Upon completion of these requirements, the department, with the recommendation of the board, shall issue the applicant the applicable permit to practice as an expanded function dental assistant.