Nebraska Revised Statute 38-1091

Chapter 38 Section 1091


Cosmetic establishment; license; requirements.

In order to be licensed as a cosmetic establishment by the department, an applicant shall meet, and present to the department evidence of meeting, the following requirements:

(1) The proposed cosmetic establishment shall be a fixed permanent structure or part of one;

(2) The proposed cosmetic establishment need not consist of a separate room or rooms, but may be a counter or other clearly identifiable portion of a room or floor;

(3) The proposed cosmetic establishment shall have, or have convenient access to, handwashing facilities; and

(4) The proposed cosmetic establishment, if located in a private dwelling, shall be located in a room or rooms separate from the living quarters and having a private entrance. Such room or rooms shall not be used for any residential purpose during the hours the cosmetic establishment is being used, and all doors and windows connecting to residential quarters shall be closed at such times.