Nebraska Revised Statute 37-904

Chapter 37 Section 904


Land and water conservation; cooperation with federal government; state's consent.

The State of Nebraska hereby assents to the provisions of an Act of Congress entitled An Act to establish a land and water conservation fund to assist the states and federal agencies in meeting present and future outdoor recreation demands and needs of the American people, and for other purposes, approved September 3, 1964, (Public Law 88-578, 88th Congress), and the Game and Parks Commission shall perform all such acts as may be necessary on behalf of the State of Nebraska to conduct, coordinate, and carry out the purposes and objectives of such Act of Congress for and within the State of Nebraska, and may transfer funds made available to the state to political subdivisions thereof if consistent with an approved project and in compliance with such Act of Congress and with rules and regulations promulgated by the Secretary of the Interior for the administration of such act. For these purposes the Game and Parks Commission may inspect the projects and examine the records of political subdivisions receiving grants-in-aid and establish such rules and regulations relating thereto as may be necessary.


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