Nebraska Revised Statute 37-716

Chapter 37


Nebraska Natural Areas Register; created; registration; criteria.

(1) The commission shall create and maintain a state register of those natural areas which possess significant natural heritage resources which shall be known as the Nebraska Natural Areas Register. The commission shall adopt and promulgate policies, rules, and regulations to carry out the registration of natural areas. The natural areas included in the register shall substantially satisfy at least one of the following criteria:

(a) The natural area shall possess an exemplary or rare plant community maintaining itself under prevailing natural conditions typical of Nebraska;

(b) The natural area shall be a habitat supporting a rare, threatened, or endangered species, a species in need of conservation, or other animal or plant species of concern;

(c) The natural area shall support a relict flora or fauna persisting from an earlier period; or

(d) The natural area shall serve as a seasonal haven for concentrations of birds or other animals.

(2) Natural areas which are candidates for inclusion in the register shall be identified by the commission based on available evidence and standards prescribed by the commission. Interested parties may propose possible natural areas to the commission for review of the national and statewide significance of their natural heritage features. Natural areas which meet the established standards may be considered as eligible for the register.


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