Nebraska Revised Statute 37-710

Chapter 37


State Wild Game Preserve; creation; extent; location; acquisition; purpose.

The commission is hereby authorized to create within Scotts Bluff, Banner, and Morrill Counties, Nebraska, or any one or more of such counties, a state wild game preserve to be known as the State Wild Game Preserve, to be composed of a tract of land of not less than four thousand acres nor more than ten thousand acres which shall have been procured by the state within the boundaries of any one or more of such counties. Any land so selected and procured shall be chiefly rough in its topography and shall include an ample amount of natural shelter as provided by canyons and timber, water supply, and native grasses such as are characteristic of the Wildcat Hills in such counties. The commission is authorized to acquire such premises and, when so procured, shall enclose such tract with a good and sufficient fence and shall keep and maintain the fence in a good and sufficient state of repair.


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