Nebraska Revised Statute 37-701

Chapter 37


Reserves, refuges, and sanctuaries; how established; acquisition of land.

When a notice is posted on each corner and on all roads leading thereinto, indicating that such property is a reserve, refuge, or sanctuary, every school section and other tract of educational land within the state, title to which is vested in the State of Nebraska, all that portion of the State of Nebraska embraced within the boundaries of the Niobrara and Bessey divisions of the Nebraska National Forest, and every state-owned lake, pond, or marsh, except lakes and marshes state owned because meandered, is hereby declared to be a game reserve, bird refuge, and wild fowl sanctuary. Other game reserves, bird refuges, wild fowl sanctuaries, or reservations may be established by the commission in any county where deemed necessary for the protection and propagation of game, or as a refuge or sanctuary for song and insectivorous birds or wild fowl. The commission with the approval of the Governor may acquire land for such purposes, either by purchase, lease, gift, or other devise.


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