Nebraska Revised Statute 37-604

Chapter 37 Section 604


Enforcement of Game Law; duties; fees and mileage.

It shall be the duty of all conservation officers, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, and other peace officers to make prompt investigation of and arrests for any violations of the Game Law observed or reported by any person and to cause a complaint to be filed before a court having jurisdiction thereof in case there seems just ground for such complaint and evidence procurable to support the same. Upon the filing of such a complaint, it shall be the duty of such officer to render assistance in the prosecution of the party complained against. Sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, and other peace officers making arrests and serving warrants under this section shall receive fees and mileage under the provisions of the statutes of the state with mileage to be computed at the rate provided for county sheriffs in section 33-117. Conservation officers shall serve writs and processes, civil and criminal, when such writs and processes pertain to enforcement of duties imposed by law on the commission. Any officer or person purporting to enforce the laws of this state or rules and regulations adopted and promulgated or commission orders passed pursuant thereto shall on the demand of any person apprehended by him or her exhibit to such person his or her written commission of authority as such enforcement officer.



  • A search warrant would obviously not be required to authorize service on plaintiff's lake property of writs and process. Kuester v. State, 191 Neb. 680, 217 N.W.2d 180 (1974).