Nebraska Revised Statute 37-545

Chapter 37


Fish; privately owned pond; removal by owner; commercial fishing permits; violation; penalty.

When authorized by the commission and when necessary for proper fish management, the owner of any privately owned pond may remove fish therefrom by methods other than hook and line and in any quantity. The commission shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations which authorize the use of commercial fishing permits, equipment, and methods authorized in sections 37-4,104 and 37-543. Nongame fish and bullheads seined or taken pursuant to this section may be sold by the commercial fishing permitholder. Such sale of bullheads shall not be deemed a violation of section 37-505. The removal of fish in accordance with this section shall not be deemed a violation of section 37-507, 37-543, or 37-556, except that the owner of a privately owned pond which is privately stocked and which does not connect by inflow or outflow with other water outside such land shall be exempt from any regulation or control.

Any person violating this section shall be guilty of a Class III misdemeanor and shall be fined at least fifty dollars.


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