Nebraska Revised Statute 37-510

Chapter 37 Section 510


Game shipments; prohibited acts; penalties.

Every express company, bus line, or other common carrier, their officers, agents, and servants, and every shipper by any such transportation agency, who (1) transfers or carries from one point to another within the state, (2) takes out of the state, or (3) receives, for the purpose of transferring from this state, any game enumerated in the Game Law, except as permitted in this section, shall be guilty of a Class III misdemeanor. It shall be lawful for any express company, bus line, railroad, or other common carrier to receive for transportation any game enumerated in the Game Law and to transport them from one point to another by express or baggage during the open season on such game when such game is tagged, as required by the rules and regulations of the commission, and a statement of the shipper is forwarded to the commission that the same is not shipped for sale or profit and was not taken contrary to law. Such statement shall state the number of the shipper's license and describe and give the number of each kind of game. A copy thereof shall be attached to the shipment while in transit from one point to another. Any person who transports game in violation of any of the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a Class III misdemeanor.


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  • Duties of common carrier in transporting wild game birds are prescribed. State v. Allen, 159 Neb. 314, 66 N.W.2d 830 (1954).