Nebraska Revised Statute 37-508

Chapter 37


Game and fish in cold storage; violation; penalty; duty of inspectors to report.

(1) No game or fish, protected by the Game Law, may be placed in cold storage in any licensed cold storage plant, butcher shop, ice cream factory, ice house, or other place used for commercial refrigerating purposes except by the lawful owner of such game or fish in his or her own name, and the same shall be tagged as the commission by rule and regulation may require.

(2) Game and fish legally taken and tagged in states other than Nebraska may be stored within the State of Nebraska as provided for in the rules and regulations of the commission.

(3)(a) Every cold storage plant owner or operator in whose plant game or fish protected by the Game Law is held after the prescribed storage season, as established by the rules and regulations of the commission, and following the close of the open season thereon, (b) every person having in cold storage any such game or fish after such time, and (c) every person who fails to tag game or fish in accordance with the rules and regulations of the commission when placing the same in cold storage shall be guilty of a Class III misdemeanor.

(4) It is hereby made the duty of every food inspector, hotel inspector, and sanitary inspector, in the employ of the state, to immediately report to the commission any violations of this section that come to the attention of such inspector while in the discharge of the duties of such inspector.



  • Game legally taken and tagged in other states may be stored in Nebraska. State v. Allen, 159 Neb. 314, 66 N.W.2d 830 (1954).