Nebraska Revised Statute 37-472

Chapter 37


Permit to kill mountain lions; eligibility.

(1) The commission may issue a permit for the killing of one or more mountain lions which are preying on livestock or poultry. The permit shall be valid for up to thirty days and shall require the commission to be notified immediately by the permitholder after the killing of a mountain lion and shall require the carcass to be transferred to the commission.

(2) To be eligible for a permit under this section, a farmer or rancher owning or operating a farm or ranch shall contact the commission to confirm that livestock or poultry on his or her property or property under his or her control has been subject to depredation by a mountain lion. The commission shall confirm that the damage was caused by a mountain lion prior to issuing the permit. The farmer or rancher shall be allowed up to thirty days, as designated by the commission, to kill the mountain lion on such property and shall notify the commission immediately after the killing of a mountain lion and arrange with the commission to transfer the mountain lion to the commission.

(3) The commission may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations to carry out this section.