Nebraska Revised Statute 37-422

Chapter 37


Special daily fishing permits; fee; form; requirements; commission; establish; educational fishing project permits.

(1) The commission may require special daily fishing permits on areas designated by it and subject to intensive fishery management. Such permits may be vended by mechanical or electronic methods. The commission may establish the fee, form, and requirements of such special daily fishing permit, and establish rules and regulations and commission orders pursuant to section 37-314 governing seasons, limits, methods of taking, open or closed waters, and such other regulations and commission orders as it deems necessary on such designated areas. Such special daily fishing permit shall be required of any and all persons fishing on the designated area and shall be the only fishing permit required thereon. The commission may only issue the permits authorized by this section on staffed areas or on portions of staffed areas under its ownership or control which are intensively managed or stocked for a high level of fish production.

(2) An educational fishing project permit may be issued to any instructor of a university, college, or high school and his or her students participating in an educational fishing project. Such persons shall be exempt from the payment of any fees provided by the Game Law for the privilege of fishing in Nebraska while participating in the project. Such exemption shall not extend to the privilege of commercial fishing or to the privilege of fishing for any species of fish on which an open season is limited to a restricted number of permits or to special permits for a restricted area. The commission shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations necessary to carry out this subsection.