Nebraska Revised Statute 37-404

Chapter 37 Section 404


Permits; qualifications; limitations.

(1) Any resident of the United States who has resided in this state continuously for a period of thirty days before applying for a permit under the Game Law and who has a bona fide intention of becoming a legal resident of this state, supported by documentary proof, shall be deemed to be a resident and may be issued a resident permit under the Game Law.

(2) No hunting permit shall be issued to any person who is known to have a significant physical or mental disability and who is unable to safely carry or use a firearm because of such disability except as provided in section 37-404.01.

(3) The commission may limit the number of days for which a permit is issued and the number of fish or game birds taken on one permit. The commission may provide for a method of tagging and identification of fish and game birds taken under a nonresident permit.


  • Legislature was constitutionally free to determine by what authority licenses should be imposed upon those desiring to hunt and fish. State ex rel. Stevens v. Nickerson, 97 Neb. 837, 151 N.W. 981 (1915).