Nebraska Revised Statute 37-338

Chapter 37


Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 37-337 to 37-348, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) State parks means parks of substantial area with the primary value of significant statewide scenic, scientific, or historic interest and having a complete development potential and, when possible, a representative portion which can be retained in a natural or relatively undisturbed state;

(2) State recreation areas means (a) areas with a primary value for day use, but with secondary overnight-use facilities or potential, and which have reasonable expansion capability and are located in accordance with sound park management principles and (b) state recreational trails;

(3) State historical parks means only sites which, in the opinion of competent, recognized authorities, are of notable historical significance to the State of Nebraska, of a size adequate to develop the full interpretative potential of the site, and which may be equipped with limited day-use facilities when such facilities do not detract from nor interfere with the primary purposes and values thereof; and

(4) State recreational trails means linear corridors of statewide or regional significance, of value for nonmotorized recreational use, and which may be equipped with amenities and support facilities appropriate to their intended purpose.


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