Nebraska Revised Statute 37-1508

Chapter 37


Meat processor; participation; annual contract; record required; payment; liability.

(1) To participate in the program, each meat processor shall enter into an annual contract with the commission which details the meat processor's participation.

(2) Meat processors shall accept the entire field-dressed carcass of a donated deer according to the terms of their respective contracts with the commission and shall not assess any fees or costs to donors, recipients, or participants. Information from the donor is required for each donated deer and shall be submitted on forms provided by the commission. Payment shall not be made to a meat processor without this information.

(3) Meat processors shall accept a donated deer if the meat processor determines the venison is in acceptable condition.

(4) Prior to receiving payment, a meat processor shall be required to provide to the commission a record of each donated deer that includes information required by the commission. Payments shall be made to meat processors within forty-five days after submittal of a complete and accurate invoice according to the terms of their respective contracts with the commission.

(5) The commission shall not be liable for the safety, quality, or condition of deer accepted by meat processors or recipients or consumed by participants in the program.