Nebraska Revised Statute 37-1253

Chapter 37 Section 1253


Motorboat; noise level; restriction; muffling equipment; requirements.

(1) No person shall operate or give permission for the operation of a motorboat on the waters of this state in such a manner as to exceed a noise level of ninety-six decibels when measured at one hundred feet or more on plane using the A-weighting network of a sound level meter complying with the standards set forth in S1.4-1983 (R 2001) of the American National Standards Institute, as those standards existed on August 31, 2003.

(2) The exhaust of every internal combustion engine used on any motorboat shall be effectively muffled by equipment so constructed and used as to muffle the noise of the exhaust in a reasonable manner.

The use of cutouts is prohibited except for motorboats competing in a regatta or boat race approved as provided in sections 37-1262 and 37-1263, and for such motorboats while on trial runs, during a period not to exceed forty-eight hours immediately preceding such regatta or race and for such motorboats while competing in official trials for speed records during a period not to exceed forty-eight hours immediately following such regatta or race.