Nebraska Revised Statute 37-104

Chapter 37


Game and Parks Commission; meetings; special meeting; notice; place; quorum; agreement with city of Lincoln for building and facilities; location.

Regular meetings of the Game and Parks Commission shall be held quarterly. Special meetings may be held upon call of the chairperson or pursuant to a call signed by three other members, of which the chairperson shall have three days' written notice. No official action shall be taken except at a public meeting at the headquarters of the commission or at a public meeting at a location within the state as determined by a majority of members of the commission. Four members of the commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

All regular meetings held in Lincoln, Nebraska, shall be held in suitable offices to be provided under the authority of Chapter 72, article 14. The Game and Parks Commission is authorized to enter into an agreement with the city of Lincoln providing for the supplying by the city of Lincoln to the State of Nebraska for the commission of a headquarters office building and related buildings and facilities therefor, including the parking of motor vehicles, to be located on real estate which is north of Holdrege Street and east of 33rd Street.


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