Nebraska Revised Statute 37-1015

Chapter 37


State Recreational Trails Coordinator; duties.

(1) The position of State Recreational Trails Coordinator may be established and appointed by the Game and Parks Commission. Necessary office space, furniture, equipment, and supplies as well as necessary professional, technical, and clerical assistance shall be provided by the commission.

(2) The duties of the State Recreational Trails Coordinator shall include, but not be limited to:

(a) Maintaining and updating the Nebraska Comprehensive Trails Plan. For purposes of this section, Nebraska Comprehensive Trails Plan means the document dated July 1994 and entitled A Network of Discovery: A Comprehensive Trails Plan for the State of Nebraska;

(b) Marketing and promoting trails across the state;

(c) Maintaining and updating an inventory of trails programs in Nebraska;

(d) Providing a central point for exchanging information among communities with trails programs;

(e) Providing organizational and technical assistance to communities and regional groups;

(f) Managing the state trails application and evaluation process;

(g) Coordinating state government's trails development efforts and administering the state trails program;

(h) Preparing and publishing an annual report on trails development in the state;

(i) Monitoring and filing paperwork on rail abandonments when necessary, consistent with rail-watch corridors established by the Nebraska Comprehensive Trails Plan or its updates; and

(j) Managing other right-of-way acquisition efforts when state involvement becomes necessary.