Nebraska Revised Statute 36-808

Chapter 36


Remedies of creditor.

(a) In an action for relief against a transfer or obligation under the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act, a creditor, subject to the limitations in section 36-809, may obtain:

(1) avoidance of the transfer or obligation to the extent necessary to satisfy the creditor's claim;

(2) an attachment or other provisional remedy against the asset transferred or other property of the transferee if available under applicable law; and

(3) subject to applicable principles of equity and in accordance with applicable rules of civil procedure:

(i) an injunction against further disposition by the debtor or a transferee, or both, of the asset transferred or of other property;

(ii) appointment of a receiver to take charge of the asset transferred or of other property of the transferee; or

(iii) any other relief the circumstances may require.

(b) If a creditor has obtained a judgment on a claim against the debtor, the creditor, if the court so orders, may levy execution on the asset transferred or its proceeds.


  • 1. Prior law (Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act, sections 36-701 to 36-712)

  • Pursuant to subdivision (a)(1) of section 36-708, the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act requires some nexus between the claim upon which an individual's creditor status depends and the purpose for which that individual seeks to set aside a fraudulent transfer. Reed v. Reed, 275 Neb. 418, 747 N.W.2d 18 (2008).