Nebraska Revised Statute 35-108

Chapter 35


Volunteer fire and rescue personnel; group life insurance; municipality or district; purchase; maintain; coverage termination.

The governing body of any incorporated municipality having a volunteer fire department or the board of directors of each rural or suburban fire protection district shall purchase and maintain in force a policy of group term life insurance to age sixty-five covering the lives of all of its active volunteer fire and rescue personnel, except that when any such person serves more than one municipality or district such policy shall be purchased only by the first municipality or district which he or she serves. Such policy shall provide a minimum death benefit of ten thousand dollars for death from any cause and shall, at the option of the insured, be convertible to a permanent form of life insurance at age sixty-five. The coverage of such policy shall terminate as to any individual who ceases to be an active volunteer member of the fire department of the municipality or district.