Nebraska Revised Statute 35-102

Chapter 35 Section 102


Volunteer fire department; number of members; copy of roll; filing.

No volunteer fire department shall have upon its rolls at one time more than twenty-five persons, for each engine and hose company in said fire department, and no hook and ladder company shall have upon its rolls at any one time more than twenty-five members. The foreman and secretary of every such company shall, on the first day of April and October in each year, file in the office of the clerk of the district court in and for the respective counties a certified copy of the rolls of their respective companies so as to obtain for the members thereof the privilege of the exemption mentioned in section 35-101. No organization shall be deemed to be a bona fide fire, or hook and ladder company until it shall have procured for active service apparatus for the extinguishment or prevention of fires, in case of a hose company, to the value of seven hundred dollars, and of a hook and ladder company to the value of five hundred dollars.


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