Nebraska Revised Statute 32-917

Chapter 32


Spoiled ballots; how treated.

Any registered voter who spoils his or her ballot may receive another ballot after returning the spoiled ballot. No registered voter shall receive more than four ballots in all. The registered voter shall write invalid or void on the spoiled ballot and return it to the judges of election. The judges of election shall maintain the secrecy of the spoiled ballots and shall cause the spoiled ballots to be made up in a sealed packet. The judges of election shall endorse the packet with the words Spoiled Ballots and the designation of the precinct. The judges of election shall sign such endorsement label and shall return the packet to the election commissioner or county clerk with a statement by the judges of election showing the number of ballots spoiled.


  • Laws 1994, LB 76, § 260.


  • Ballot counted and returned by election board in envelope marked rejected ballots should be counted in election contest. White v. Slama, 89 Neb. 65, 130 N.W. 978 (1911).

  • Stringing spoiled ballots, tied into a bundle, upon the same thread that the ballots cast had been strung upon was at most an irregularity which did not invalidate the election. Hendee v. Hayden, 42 Neb. 760, 60 N.W. 1034 (1894).