Nebraska Revised Statute 32-912.02

Chapter 32


Standard certification; reasonable impediment; grounds; Secretary of State; duties.

(1) The Secretary of State shall provide a standard certification for a voter with a reasonable impediment preventing the voter from presenting valid photographic identification. The certification shall include the following as separate boxes that a voter may check to identify the applicable reasonable impediment:

(a) Inability to obtain valid photographic identification due to:

(i) Disability or illness; or

(ii) Lack of a birth certificate or other required documents; or

(b) Religious objection to being photographed.

(2) The Secretary of State shall provide the form of the certification to the election commissioners and county clerks. A voter who has a reasonable impediment shall execute the certification. The election commissioner or county clerk shall verify the signature on the certification with the signature appearing on the voter registration record. A voter who casts a ballot by mail shall include the certification with the application, except that a voter who casts a ballot pursuant to section 32-953 shall include the certification within the ballot envelope.