Nebraska Revised Statute 32-902

Chapter 32


Voting instructions; voting information; posting.

(1) The election commissioner or county clerk shall cause instructions for the guidance of registered voters in preparing their ballots to be printed in large, clear type on cards in English. He or she shall furnish at least five such cards to each polling place in each precinct at the same time and in the same manner as the printed ballots. The judges or clerks of election shall post such cards in each voting booth on the day of election. The card shall contain full instructions on preparing and casting ballots, including how to cast a write-in vote. The form and contents of the cards shall be approved by the Secretary of State.

(2) The election commissioner or county clerk shall cause voting information to be posted in each polling place on the day of election. The voting information shall include the following information as approved by the Secretary of State:

(a) Information regarding the date of the election and the hours during which polling places will be open;

(b) Instructions for voters who registered to vote pursuant to section 32-304 or by mail and first-time voters;

(c) General information on voting rights under applicable federal and state laws, including information on the right of an individual to cast a provisional ballot and instructions on how to contact the appropriate officials if these rights are alleged to have been violated; and

(d) General information on federal and state laws regarding prohibitions on acts of fraud and misrepresentation.


  • Statutory provisions regulating the conduct of an election are directory only when they are not essential to a fair election and they are not made mandatory by the statute itself. Boyer v. Aden, 241 Neb. 1, 486 N.W.2d 22 (1992).