Nebraska Revised Statute 32-807

Chapter 32


Ballots; number; printing and delivery.

The election commissioner, county clerk, or city or village clerk shall print and deliver to each precinct or district in the county, city, or village an approximate number of ballots based upon what would appear sufficient at the time the ballots are to be printed. Such totals shall take into consideration increases in registration, early voting, annexations, changes in boundaries, spoiled ballots, and any other factor that may influence the total number of ballots needed. Additional ballots shall be printed to meet any contingency in order to provide a sufficient number of ballots for each precinct or district in the county, city, or village.



  • Under this section, the number of ballots to be printed is not a fixed and certain quantity, but is the result of computation by the clerk and is subject in some degree to his discretion. Wahlquist v. Adams County, 94 Neb. 682, 144 N.W. 171 (1913).