Nebraska Revised Statute 32-802

Chapter 32


Notice of election; contents.

The notice of election for any election shall state the date on which the election is to be held and the hours the polls will be open and list all offices, candidates, and issues that will appear on the ballots. The notice of election shall be printed in English and in any other language required pursuant to the Voting Rights Act Language Assistance Amendments of 1992. In the case of a primary election, the notice of election shall list all offices and candidates that are being forwarded to the general election. The notice of election shall only state that amendments or referendums will be voted upon and that the Secretary of State will publish a true copy of the title and text of any amendments or referendums once each week for three consecutive weeks preceding the election. Such notice of election shall appear in at least one newspaper designated by the election commissioner, county clerk, city council, or village board no later than forty-two days prior to the election. The election commissioner or county clerk shall, not later than forty-two days prior to the election, (1) post in his or her office the same notice of election published in the newspaper and (2) provide a copy of the notice to the political subdivisions appearing on the ballot. The election commissioner or county clerk shall correct the ballot to reflect any corrections received within five days after mailing the notice as provided in section 32-819. The notice of election shall be posted in lieu of sample ballots until such time as sample ballots are printed. If joint elections are held in conjunction with the statewide primary or general election by a county, city, or village, only one notice of election need be published and signed by the election commissioner or county clerk.