Nebraska Revised Statute 32-312.04

Chapter 32


Registration application; use to update voter registration record; requirements.

A registered voter using a registration application to update his or her voter registration record with changes in his or her personal information or other changes related to his or her eligibility to vote shall:

(1) Provide all new information needed to ensure his or her voter registration record is accurate and current;

(2) Provide sufficient information to allow the election commissioner or county clerk to identify the voter including:

(a) The former name under which the voter was previously registered if the voter is seeking to register under a different name;

(b) The voter's Nebraska driver's license number or last four digits of the voter's social security number or the unique identifying number assigned in place of such numbers pursuant to subsection (4) of section 32-312.03, if known;

(c) The residence address where the voter was previously registered; and

(d) A sufficient description of the current residence address to allow the election commissioner or county clerk to accurately assign the voter to the appropriate precinct and political subdivision of the precinct, if any, if the voter has moved since previously registering; and

(3) Affix his or her signature to the registration application.