Nebraska Revised Statute 32-231

Chapter 32


Judge and clerk of election; qualifications; term; district inspectors; duties.

(1) Each judge and clerk of election appointed pursuant to section 32-230 shall (a) be of good repute and character and able to read and write the English language, (b) reside in the precinct in which he or she is to serve unless necessity demands that personnel be appointed from another precinct, (c) be a registered voter except as otherwise provided in subsections (6), (7), and (8) of section 32-230, and (d) serve for a term of two years or until judges and clerks of election are appointed for the next primary election. No candidate at an election shall be eligible to serve as a judge or clerk of election at the same election other than a candidate for a delegate to a county, state, or national political party convention.

(2) The county clerk may appoint district inspectors to aid the county clerk in the performance of his or her duties and supervise a group of precincts on election day. A district inspector shall meet the requirements for judges and clerks of election as provided in subsection (1) of this section, shall oversee the procedures of a group of polling places, and shall act as the personal agent and deputy of the county clerk. The district inspector shall ensure that the Election Act is uniformly enforced at the polling places assigned to him or her and perform tasks assigned by the county clerk. The district inspector may perform all of the duties required of a judge or clerk of election.