Nebraska Revised Statute 32-202

Chapter 32


Secretary of State; duties.

In addition to any other duties prescribed by law, the Secretary of State shall:

(1) Supervise the conduct of primary and general elections in this state;

(2) Provide training for election commissioners, county clerks, and other election officials in providing for registration of voters and the conduct of elections;

(3) Enforce the Election Act;

(4) With the assistance and advice of the Attorney General, make uniform interpretations of the act;

(5) Provide periodic training for the agencies and their agents and contractors in carrying out their duties under sections 32-308 to 32-310;

(6) Develop and print forms for use as required by sections 32-308, 32-310, 32-320, 32-329, 32-947, 32-956, and 32-958;

(7) Contract with the Department of Administrative Services for storage and distribution of the forms;

(8) Require reporting to ensure compliance with sections 32-308 to 32-310;

(9) Prepare and transmit reports as required by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, 52 U.S.C. 20501 et seq.;

(10) Develop and print a manual describing the requirements of the initiative and referendum process and distribute the manual to election commissioners and county clerks for distribution to the public upon request;

(11) Develop and print pamphlets described in section 32-1405.01;

(12) Adopt and promulgate rules and regulations as necessary for elections conducted under sections 32-952 to 32-959; and

(13) Establish a free access system, such as a toll-free telephone number or an Internet website, that any voter who casts a provisional ballot may access to discover whether the vote of that voter was counted and, if the vote was not counted, the reason that the vote was not counted. The Secretary of State shall establish and maintain reasonable procedures necessary to protect the security, confidentiality, and integrity of personal information collected, stored, or otherwise used by the free access system. Access to information about an individual provisional ballot shall be restricted to the individual who cast the ballot.