Nebraska Revised Statute 32-1202

Chapter 32


Expenses chargeable to political subdivisions.

The cost of publication and posting of notices and ballots, the cost of precinct registration lists, the compensation of temporary employees, inspectors, judges and clerks of election, and members of counting boards, the overtime costs of all permanent employees of the election commissioner or county clerk relating to elections, the cost of renting, heating, lighting, and equipping polling places including placing and removing ballot boxes and other fixtures and equipment, the cost of printing and delivering ballots and sample ballots, the cost of postage, cards of instructions for voters, maps, voter books for the polling place, other election supplies, and electronic media, the expense of programming and operation of voting systems, and all other expenses of conducting statewide primary and general elections not listed in section 32-1201 shall be chargeable to the political subdivisions in and for which such elections are held.



  • A county is liable for the expense of reprinting correct ballots where a mistake is discovered in ballots which have already been printed and paid for by the county. Wahlquist v. Adams County, 94 Neb. 682, 144 N.W. 171 (1913).