Nebraska Revised Statute 32-1049

Chapter 32


Vote counting device; requirements.

Any election commissioner or county clerk using a vote counting device to count ballots in a centralized location shall:

(1) Provide for the proper sealing of the containers and the security of the ballots when transported from each polling place to the centralized location and when removed from their containers and delivered to the personnel who operate the vote counting devices;

(2) Provide a process of counting which allows for the ballots of each precinct to be placed in a sealed container and placed in a secure location after the counting process has been completed;

(3) Provide for a method of overseeing the ballots that have been overvoted or damaged which does not involve judging voter intent to assure that these ballots have not been or will not be intentionally mismarked;

(4) Provide for a procedure for counting write-in votes when such votes and names of write-in candidates are to be counted and recorded;

(5) Provide for at least three independent tests to be conducted before counting begins to verify the accuracy of the counting process, which includes the computerized program installed for counting various ballots by vote counting devices, by (a) the election commissioner or county clerk, (b) the chief deputy election commissioner or a registered voter with a different party affiliation than that of the election commissioner or county clerk, and (c) the person who installed the program in the vote counting device or the person in charge of operating the device;

(6) Provide for storing and safeguarding the magnetic tapes or computer chips of the vote counting devices for the required period of time;

(7) Provide the appropriate security personnel or measures necessary to safeguard the secrecy and security of the counting process;

(8) Develop a procedure for picking up and counting ballots during election day at the discretion of the election commissioner or county clerk. No report or tabulation of vote totals for such ballots shall be produced or generated prior to one hour before the closing of the polls; and

(9) Submit a written plan to the Secretary of State specifically outlining the procedures that will be followed on election day to implement this section. The plan shall be submitted no later than twenty-five days before the election and shall be modified, as necessary, for each primary, general, or special election.