Nebraska Revised Statute 32-1031

Chapter 32


County canvassing board; canvass of votes; procedure.

(1) The election commissioner or county clerk shall, prior to 1 p.m. on election day, post in a conspicuous place in the office of such election commissioner or county clerk a notice stating the day and hour when the county canvassing board will convene.

(2) After counting the ballots under section 32-1027 but no earlier than twenty-four hours after the notice is posted as required under subsection (1) of this section, the county canvassing board shall proceed with the official canvass of votes cast on election day. If in the process of canvassing the votes for any candidate or measure in any precinct the election commissioner or county clerk or the canvassing board determines that there is an obvious error in the certification of the votes, the error shall be corrected. The county canvassing board may open the ballots-cast container and recount the ballots for any candidate or any measure which appears to be in error. If the county canvassing board finds and corrects any such error, it shall make the correction entry in the precinct sign-in register, the precinct list of registered voters, and the official summary or summaries of votes cast and shall attach a letter of explanation to each book where the correction was made. The letter shall be signed by all members of the county canvassing board.

(3) When it has been determined that the returns in all precincts are correct, the county canvassing board shall provide a record of the results to the election commissioner or county clerk either in a ledger or by using a computer printout. The election commissioner or county clerk shall preserve the record of the results for the period of time specified by the State Records Administrator pursuant to the Records Management Act, and then it may be transferred to the State Archives of the Nebraska State Historical Society for permanent preservation.

(4) Any recesses or adjournments of the county canvassing board shall be to a fixed time and publicly announced. When a recess is called, all ballots that have not been counted and all other supplies shall be placed in a fireproof safe or other suitable location which is locked until such board reconvenes.

Cross References

  • Records Management Act, see section 84-1220.