Nebraska Revised Statute 32-1013

Chapter 32


Counting location; watchers; counting board members; oath; authorized observers.

(1) In each counting location, watchers may be appointed to be present and observe the counting of ballots. Each political party shall be entitled to one watcher at each location appointed and supplied with credentials by the county central committee of such political party. The district court having jurisdiction over any such county may appoint additional watchers for any location.

(2) The watchers and the members of the counting board shall take the following oath administered by the election commissioner or county clerk or an election official designated by the election commissioner or county clerk: I do solemnly swear that I will not in any manner make known to anyone other than duly authorized election officials the results of the votes as they are being counted until the polls have officially closed and the summary of votes cast is delivered to the election commissioner or county clerk.

(3) Except for polling places using precinct-based optical scanners, all other persons shall be excluded from the place where the counting is being conducted except for observers authorized by the election commissioner or county clerk. No such observer shall be connected with any candidate, political party, or measure on the ballot.