Nebraska Revised Statute 32-1007

Chapter 32 Section 1007


Ballots; write-in votes; improper name; rejected.

For members of a village board of trustees or township officers, if a first or generally recognized name and last name of a person is filled in on a line provided for that purpose and the square or oval opposite such line has been marked with a cross or other clear, intelligible mark, the vote shall be valid and the ballot shall be counted. If only the last name of a person is in the write-in space on the ballot and there is more than one person in the county having the same last name, the counting board shall reject the ballot for that office unless the last name is reasonably close to the proper spelling of the last name of a candidate engaged in or pursuing a write-in campaign pursuant to section 32-615. The counting board shall make the following notation on the rejected ballot: Rejected for the office of .........., no first or generally recognized name.