Nebraska Revised Statute 32-1001

Chapter 32


Closing of polls; receiving board; duties.

After the polls have closed, the precinct list of registered voters and the precinct sign-in register shall be signed by all members of the receiving board, the names of the registered voters shall be counted, and the number shall be recorded where designated on the list and the register. If a line is missed or a name is voided, the receiving board shall subtract such omissions or voids from the total before recording the total on the list and the register. The receiving board shall certify to all matters pertaining to casting of ballots and shall turn over the ballots, ballot boxes, list of registered voters, and sign-in register to the election commissioner or county clerk.



  • A failure by the election officers of a precinct to sign the returns, as required by this section, does not invalidate the election. Wheelock v. Haney, 138 Neb. 547, 293 N.W. 418 (1940).