Nebraska Revised Statute 31-788

Chapter 31


Secretary of State; petition papers; requirements.

(1) The Secretary of State shall design the uniform petition papers to be distributed by all filing clerks for use in the recall of trustees of sanitary and improvement districts and shall keep a sufficient number of such blank petition papers on file for distribution to any filing clerk requesting recall petitions.

(2) Each petition paper presented to a qualified voter for his or her signature shall clearly indicate at the top (a) whether the trustee whose recall is being sought was elected solely by qualified resident voters, (b) whether the signatories must be qualified resident voters or may include qualified property owning voters, (c) that the signatories must support the holding of a recall election for the trustee, (d) the name of the individual sought to be recalled, and (e) a general statement of the reason or reasons for which recall is sought.

(3) Each petition paper shall contain a statement entitled Instructions to Petition Circulators prepared by the Secretary of State to assist circulators in understanding the provisions governing the petition process established by sections 31-786 to 31-793. The instructions shall include the following statement: No one circulating this petition paper in an attempt to gather signatures shall sign the circulator's affidavit unless each person who signed the petition paper did so in the presence of the circulator.