Nebraska Revised Statute 31-772

Chapter 31


Appointment of an administrator; petition; hearing; notice.

The court shall fix the time for the hearing of the petition pursuant to section 31-771 and shall order the clerk of the court to give and publish a notice of the filing of the petition. The notice shall be given by publication the same day of the week each week for three consecutive weeks. Within five days after the first publication of such notice, the petitioner shall cause to be mailed by United States mail a copy of such notice to each holder of outstanding warrants and bonds, to each member of the board of trustees if the board has not petitioned for the appointment, and to each person whose property ownership is of record on the records of the register of deeds at least thirty days and not more than forty days prior to the mailing of a notice. Notice shall be sent to each bond and warrant holder, trustee, and property owner whose name and post office address are known after diligent investigation and inquiry. The notice shall state the time and place fixed for the hearing of the petition and the prayer of the petition, and that any person with an interest in the district may, on or before the day fixed for the hearing of the petition, move to join in, dismiss, or answer the petition. The petition may be referred to and described in the notice as the petition of ................. (giving name of petitioner) praying for the referral of the sanitary and improvement district to the Auditor of Public Accounts for the appointment of an administrator of the sanitary and improvement district and the suspension of the authority of the board of trustees of such district to exercise the powers granted the board of trustees under sections 31-727 to 31-770 during the period of such administrator's appointment.


  • Laws 1982, LB 868, § 34.