Nebraska Revised Statute 31-751

Chapter 31


Special assessments; equalization; levy; certified; manner; collection.

After the equalization of such special assessments as required by sections 31-727 to 31-762, such special assessments shall be levied by the board of trustees or the administrator upon all lots or parcels of ground within the district which are benefited by reason of such improvement, such levy to be made within six months after acceptance of the improvement by the board of trustees or the administrator. All such special assessments shall be levied within eighteen months after commencement of construction. Failure to levy assessments within such six-month or eighteen-month period shall not invalidate assessments made after the six-month or eighteen-month period. Such special assessments may be relevied, if for any reason the levy thereof is void or not enforceable. Such levy shall be enforced as other special assessments and any payments thereof under previous levies shall be credited to the person or property making the same. Not less than eleven and not more than twenty days after the levying of any special assessment, the clerk of the district shall certify such levy to the county treasurer and county clerk of the county. If a notice of appeal from such levy has been filed with the clerk, he or she shall note on the certificate of levy that an appeal has been commenced and that the amounts of the assessments are subject to redetermination pursuant to the appeal. All receipts given by the county treasurer for special assessments as to which an appeal is pending shall show thereon that the special assessment amount is subject to redetermination by the appeal. Upon termination of any appeal, the clerk of the district shall so certify to the county clerk and county treasurer. All assessments made for such purposes shall be collected in the same manner as general taxes and shall be subject to the same penalties or may be collected pursuant to section 77-1917.01.


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Cross References

  • Collection of taxes, see Chapter 77, article 17.